Friday, 1 December 2017

Welcome to Mice for Mama

My reproduction on the left, my grandmother's original on the right
At this moment in time there are no small mice left for sale! Yes, I sold out!! But don't worry, I am hard at work making more which will arrive in January. And of course you can always order one in your colours (excluding the special mice). 

When my sister asked me a few years ago to fix her old Mickey Mouse and please please could I make a new one for her... I was not quite sure how. The original mouse had been knitted by my grandmother and she never used a pattern. Of course she had made more than a thousand, so the pattern was in her head. It didn't help me though. Fortunately a friend helped me out and found a pattern that seemed to be right. And with a few tweaks and adjustments, it was and I made my sister a new mouse.

My grandmother knitted the mice either to give away to friends and family or to sell. The proceeds then going to the Red Cross, her local church and other local good causes. I wanted to do something similar. Which charity or good cause though?

In the end I picked a charity that is close to my parents' hearts: a Dutch charity called: Stomach, Liver and Bowel Foundation. They picked it a few years ago for their 45th wedding anniversary because of the connection to my paternal grandfather (who had bowel cancer when he died) and of course my mother (who is dealing with bowel cancer and its aftermath right now). 

I knit the mice, see what the cost to me is (yarn and filling) and then double that amount. I will get half back for the materials and the other half goes to the charity.

Go to the pages for small mice, large mice and special mice to find more information on how to get a lovely micy companion of your own!